TradeSmith Review

TradeSmith’s tools have produced some impressive results in the past. For instance, the software predicted a big move in TSLA stock and also identified opportunities in Chinese EV-maker NIO. Click on Tradesmith Review to learn more.

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The company’s flagship product is Tradestops, which alerts investors to important events and tracks stocks using optimization techniques. It is often combined with Ideas, a tool that helps users research and select potentially profitable stocks to build a portfolio.


TradeStops is a powerful tool for tracking your investments. It lets you import or create your investment portfolio in one click and synchronize it with the accounts offered by more than 15 brokerage firms, including all the major ones in the US. It also connects to several stock data service providers and provides alerts for a variety of factors, including trailing stops, the Volatility Quotient, entry signals, and price targets. The program is designed to level the playing field for investors and help them overcome the behavioral finance problems identified by recent Nobel prize winners.

The stock market is a volatile environment, which means your winning positions can turn into losing positions in a matter of seconds. It is important to have a software program that can alert you when significant events occur and track stocks using optimization methods. Whether you’re an upcoming trader or a grizzled market veteran, Tradestops can help you stay on top of the fast-paced trading market.

Unlike most other online investing tools, this one is designed with medium-term traders and multi-portfolio investors in mind. The program is based on risk management and works best for traders who understand how much risk they can take on any individual position. It is not ideal for beginners, however, as it requires a lot of work on your part to manage your risk and portfolio.

In addition to a comprehensive collection of video tutorials, you can get support from the TradeStops team through phone and email. You can also schedule a one-hour training session with a specialist. The company offers a free trial period for all new customers and a money-back guarantee for existing users.

The basic version of TradeStops costs $228 a year and includes all the features you need to manage your stock portfolio. Its advanced version costs $588 a year and adds additional features, such as a stock analyzer, position size calculator, and alerts. It is important to note that TradeStops does not handle your actual transactions, so you will need to use a broker to make purchases.


Ideas by TradeSmith is a collection of tools that help investors manage their stock portfolios. These tools include trailing stops, risk-management, and analysis of market sectors. They also offer education and support to their customers from their headquarters in Florida. The company’s products are available in a variety of price ranges and come with a satisfaction guarantee. They are used by newbie and seasoned investors alike.

The core product of Ideas is the “Dr. Smith’s Lab” area, which separates stocks into different investment strategies based on their VQ and SSI. This feature is similar to how Zacks uses proprietary metrics to recommend stock picks. There are relatively few technical indicators in the stock finder, and fundamental filters are also scarce. This means traders must be fully committed to finding trade ideas based on VQ and potential risk when using this tool. Also included is a crypto platform, which helps investors manage their digital assets.